Martini Light has recently revealed some impressive and important monuments in a new light, including Castello Sforzesco and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. Martini’s vast experience and expertise was put at the service of the lighting plan created by A2A to enhance the beauty of historic sites, revealing them anew with lighting technology.
A2A is the largest Italian multi-utility, at the top of the energy, environment, heat and network sectors. Martini Light’s Lighting Plan provided custom products that met the technical specifications expressly requested such as: energy savings, special brackets, the reduction of light flow where required by the client and the Superintendence as well as surge protection.
Part of the project included the replacement of fixtures using traditional sources with LED products. Martini Light, always working along with architects and planners, offered all the support at the project level and the testing of the lighting providing the illumination for these splendid monuments, which are among the major tourist attractions in the heart of the city. The facades and architectural elements of these marvelous buildings are accented by Martini Light products, giving visitors the gift of an evocative and unforgettable atmosphere.

The Castello Sforzesco, along with the Duomo, is Milan’s most important monument. Over the years there has been a great deal of work done on the Castle and the most recent dealt with the need to exactly recreate the existing lighting using LED fixtures instead of those utilizing traditional light sources. The need to maintain the same illumination scheme was due to technical/engineering requirements and the administrators’ desire to not alter the existing lighting concept. For this reason all of the Martini Light products installed were specially produced in order to meet the technical specifications and requirements for installation:

Grazing light from top to bottom of the defensive walls with fixtures installed in the machicolations:

Lighting of battlements with fixture mounted on the existing projecting bracket:
• LUX98*COB 13W 3000K CRI>80 WIDE IP6

Grazing light from top to bottom of the walls of the Torre del Filarete with fixtures installed in the machicolations:
• LUX260*COB 51W 3000K CRI>80 MEDIUM
• LUX260*COB 31W 3000K CRI>80 WIDE
• LUX180*COB 23W 3000K CRI>80 MEDIUM

Grazing light from top to bottom of the walls of the Round Towers at the front with fixtures installed in the machicolations:
• LUX98*COB 13W 3000K CRI> 80 WIDE IP66


Italia, Milano

Designer: Lighting Consultant: Martinilight , A2A

Photographer: Maria Teresa Furnari

Year: 2016

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