Light for Onishi Yasuaki “Reverse of volume” |Arte Sella The Contemporary Mountain

23 May 2016

A - Onishi Yasuaki_Reverse of volume_Copyright Arte Sella_ph Giacomo Bianchi (2)

Martini Light lights up the room and the Reverse of Volume exhibition made by the Japanese Onishi Yasuaki at Arte Sella The Contemporary Mountain.

The hall and the works are illuminated by spotlight Milo L, a luminescent cylinder anchored to a slim support unwinds freely in space and tells of ever-changing scenarios, infinite, inexorable possibilities. A tale of accents and pauses, volumes and vacuums, balances and absolute proportions.

Martini Light, always involved in projects related to art, marries the values of the association Arte Sella promoting excellence and creativity, providing quality products able to model the light, not to mention the aesthetics.

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